Monday, September 26, 2011


Archeia kindly made me some graphics for my fangame~
The art isn't finalized yet but I would like to draw for it for sometime soon! I'm going to work hard to help and hope that we'll finish it after BBI~

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Brother of Mine

Another lead, another moment of isolation.

Alphonse Elric hates it when his brother finds a lead. He gets absorbed into the moment so much that he shuts down everything around him. Focusing only on his goal of finding clues regarding the Philosopher's Stone and retrieving Al's body back.

He sighs as he sees his brother sitting under a tree. Writing notes quickly and precisely. His focus unwavering. Somehow the view unnerves him. His brother is a child of the sun, his golden hair and eyes covered by the shade felt like the darkness is swallowing him whole.

Just like that moment at the gate

He sighs, as much as a piece of armor could muster, when he sees pure white flowers growing as a pack. With divided interest, he thought surely his brother would have to take a rest soon. It's a nice day out!

Much to his dismay, the day passed with silence, only the sounds of the pen and paper meeting and the cheer of children can be heard. Edward ignored Al's pleas of eating lunch. It's as if his brother wasn't there.

When night came by, Edward scowled as he can't see whatever he's reading anymore and stands.

"Come on Al, let's go back. I'm starving!"

Edward turns his heel.

"Wait brother!"

His gloved hand brushes across his brother's left cheek. Edward was taken by surprise as a pristine, white flower hanged behind his ear.

"Hee hee, it suits you brother~"
"Al...I'm not a girl"
"I know~"

Al loved how the white flower brought out the features of his golden brother. It made him seem brighter and An unexplainable feeling but a breathtaking sight.

Edward sighs but leaves the flower on. It was after all, a gift from his brother.