Friday, August 19, 2011

Scripting and Art

Archeia and Rhyme has been kind enough to let me borrow their game engine. Archeia has also been kind enough to make me a GUI out of it. I'm really thankful for her hard work. Double thanks to Rhyme for helping us out despite being busy with her contest game!

I also changed the title of the game due to story reasons.
I finished Edward's artwork and Archeia had to help me ink some parts. I'm glad it worked out well.

I need to get working with the sprites and all those things. But I hope it'll go well as well :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Game Info Update

I updated the Project and Characters page. I hope it's easily understandable for everyone!
I made this for fun, I have an addiction for user bars haha

Friday, August 12, 2011

Observations on the New Generation of RM Development

I came back to RM in hopes to relinquish the days I had back then where I am in constant inspiration mode. Because RM2k/3 days were incredibly fun and inspiring. I was even ready to do multiple let's plays just because I'm so hyped.

But I think I'm proven very wrong. My observations:

1.) They focus on making their maps pretty than actual level design.
2.) They don't spend time at all to customizing their systems and rely too much on copy pasting scripts.

3.) Everyone is off on their own island. It's almost impossible to find help in the English community or at least team projects that actually work that aren't just new people helping each other. It seems that nobody that are of high level are willing to help and those who are new rely on commanding people instead of making their games with passion.

4.) Everyone is very opinionated than constructive unlike in the 2002-2006 days. What I mean by this is that, everyone is extremely picky unlike before were standards where very low and people focus on having fun. I'm really disappointed over this.

5.) Most of the communities I visit dearly are either dead or inactive. This is very disheartening...
6.) Only a selected few games from the New Gen caught my attention, I am worried :(

I joined in RPG-Atelier hoping that I'll find that flair again someday. I'll do my best to enjoy the English Community though! I might be on the wrong places. After all, a day just passed so far :D